Oh hye awhsum blog's reader . 
Its been a while since the last time I post something on this blog . fuh fuh . clearing all the dust . uhuk uhuk . hehehe . ok fine . wassup fellas . how’s life lately ? mine . hmm. What can I say is its goin roughly lately . Well ,my relationship just ended few weeks ago .  ok I admit I was  feeling blue past few days . well daaa, life goes on I guess . LOL ! this time maybe I’ll be bulletproof . ceyh ! sounds like my ex had shoot me with his machine gun . hehehe .  funny enough. It would be a biggest lie ever if I said I wasn’t feel sad due to this breaking up thingy . yeah ! im sad . I cry a lots . I CRY A LOTS. Like hundreds tons of tears. Like endlessly rain that fall from the sky. Like like hmm ya whatever the hyperbole can describe the situation are. Im freaking sad ! seriously S.A.D .

Every hello will be followed by goodbye. 
I wont blame anyone for the reason why my relationship failed. I wont. Because the mistake wasn’t came from him alone but also from me. I believe that both of us are matured enough to handle this thing. Im just a lil bit disappointed because its doesn't ended in a good ways. It’s a big mistake. Im just wondering why we cant end something properly just like how we started it first. Hmm. I guess I can handle separation very well. Ok , not so very well. But yeah, I prefer to hear the truth rather than hearing the bullshit lies.

Separation doesn’t taste ‘delicious’.  Not at all. Im glad to know him. Well, this is not a hypocrite confession. Yeah, im glad to be with him. We USED to share everything. We USED to love each other. We USED to talk to each other everyday. We USED to. I admit that sometimes I miss him. Real feelings wont go easily. Its not that im still holding onto this broken relationship. Missing is just a part of moving on. Though its hard. (YAWNING !)

Enough is enough. Enough with the sad story. Hee. 
Well, my semester break will be ended soon. Oh DAMN !seriously I don’t wanna go back to the campus. I hate it. Ok guys. I guess enough for today. My bed already calling for me. Wiwiwiwiw. Goin to bed soon. There’s a lot of thing to do for tomorrow ! Well, happy reading ! XOXOXO  *hugs and kisses. Lots of love  ~ME~

Student With a Talkative Hand ^^v

Tak Pernah Berubah .

Aloha . 
Ermm .  Aku x tau mcm mana nak mula entry kali ni . Kebelakangan ni hubungan aku dengan ben jadi macam hambar . Selalu gaduh and jarang dh nk contact satu sama lain . Hmm . Aku x pasti kat mana silap dia . Back few days , aku dengan dia gaduh besar . Entah la . Salah aku kot . Aku dah penat nak gaduh . Penat dah nk sakitkan hati dia . Mungkin bagi dia, aku macam xhargai segala yang dia buat . Tapi hakikatnya, he's the only one yang aku ada sekarang . Aku xpernah buat something yang boleh mengkhianati dia . Xpernah .

Cinta perlukan pengorbanan .
Perlukan kejujuran . Kesetiaan . 
Aku dah x tahu macam mana nak yakinkan dia . Mungkin perasaan dia terhadap aku dah berubah . Dah x macam dulu . Kita x dapat menilai perasaan orang . Aku mengaku memang dalam bab macam ni aku selalu fail . I cant even express my own feeling . Aku xpandai . Sebab bagi aku . Kalau orang dah xnak, buat apa nak meraih simpati .

"You only know how to appreciate something if you already lost it"
You never know sayang . You never know how much i appreciate you in my life . For all the thing that you did . You never know how much i endure the pain when seeing you with someone else . I get so jealous when I see you getting close to someone else, because I think you'll forget about me . I may not be the girl that everyone wants, but at least I’m not the girl that everyone had.

Sometimes we let our love go unexpressed especially towards those we love the best.

Student With a Talkative Hand ^^v

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